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Water for human consumption needs to be of high quality. This is important since its a liquid needed for humans to survive and can't be replaced by any other kind of liquid. Different forms to use water are:

  • drinking
  • cooking
  • usage for food and drinks
  • personal care and cleaning
  • for the cleaning of objects, which intended to come into contact with food (for example, glasses and cutlery)
  • for cleaning objects which not only temporarily intended to come into contact with the human body (eg. clothing)
  • for the production, treatment, preservation or marketing of products or substances intended for human consumption

Why should water be tested?

Drinking water may not cause by its consumption or use harm to human health. It must be clean and fit for human consumption and must not contain pathogenic micro-organisms.


Our service for you
Q-Bioanalytic GmbH is approved by the Drinking Water Regulation Drinking Water Investigation Board and certified both for sampling, and for the microbiological testing of water for human consumption. Our laboratory examines your drinking water according to the legal requirements and is available for private consumers, installers, water suppliers, housing associations and landlords. Testing for chemical parameters can also be done indirect through us, we cooperate with a partner laboratory which is specialized in this area.


Legionella are bacteria that can be in the water and can grow there. A small number of Legionella cells usually constitutes no health hazard. However, if they grow in favorable conditions, Legionella lead to severe illness. Legionella are typical water organisms and can also get into our drinking water. They grow ideally with water temperatures between 25 and 50 ° C. In cold water below 20 ° C they hardly grow. From 60° C or higher Legionella cells die. They can thus proliferate particularly well there where the water is heated and not heated sufficiently. Typical occurrences are e.g .:

  • Boilers
  • Hot water distribution systems
  • Swimming pools
  • Air conditioners
  • Showers
  • Baths
  • Dead pipes
  • Water tanks


Legionella investigation - Full service:

  • Sampling
  • Analysis
  • Report (also digital)

Legionella can be hazardous

It is not the skin contact with contaminated water which is a health risk.  Drinking, washing or cooking is normally not a problem for people with healthy immune systems. Only inhalation of aerosols (very small droplets), for example, while showering or hot tub can lead to infection. Infection with


Which systems need to be examined?
The investigation is compulsory in Germany and other European countries for large heating systems from which water for human consumption is delivered at a public or commercial place such as showers or any other aerosols generating devices. Examples are: hotels, day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, schools or rented flats.

Q Bioanalytic GmbH will advise you about your legally required Legionella testing needs.