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Identification and differentiation of animal species in meat products is important for many companies quality control. The question which animal species has been manufactured is being clarified quickly, safely and accurately for both the final consumer and the distributor, as well as for the processing industry. For a lot of products the latest European declaration regulations (QUID) prescribe the specification of animal species.

Available Real-Time kits PCR - animal species

QuickBlue Sus scrofa (pig)

Available real-time kits PCR - crop species (GV-Corn, GV-Soy, GV-Rape)
QuickBlue Corn species
QuickBlue Soy species
QuickBlue Rape species


The QuickBlue Real-Time / QuickBlue kits allows you to detect the above mentioned animal species in food and other matrices within a few hours according to § 64 LFGB.

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