QuickBlue real-Time PCR Kits

QuickBlue Real-Time PCR kits for microorganisms
With the rapid QuickBlue Real-Time PCR kits
(eg. Salmonellea) you can get results in less then 24 hours including the enrichment time. Without enrichment times you need a maximum of 3 hours from the first pipetting until the results. The QuickBlue Real-Time PCR kits are much faster, more sensitive and specific than conventional molecular biological and microbiological methods. Our Real-Time-PCR methods comply with ISO 20838.


QuickBlue Real-Time PCR Kits

The detection of PCR product in Real-Time PCR is carried out via a labeled oligonucleotide according to the principle of the TaqMan probe.
A gel electrophoresis is not required, whereby not only the evaluation is facilitated, but also pipetting steps can be reduced and a risk of cross-contamination is reduced. The kits are being used on a daily base in our own company for several years.


Your benefits

  • Fast and safe results
  • High specificity, for example clear distinction between Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria
  • internal Amplification control in microbial kits 
  • UNG included to prevent contamination with previous amplicon 
  • Reliable verification of own checks of suppliers
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional methods
  • Support for user issues with phone, e-mail, workshops and on-site consulting
  • in accordance with  internationally recognized methods ISO 20838