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Welcome to the website of Q-Bioanalytic GmbH, your accredited laboratory for laboratory services in the field of bioanalysis and microbiology. Since 2003 we help our customers to ensure the quality of their products. Besides classical microbiology, we offer a range of PCR and Real-Time PCR analytics. We sell worldwide Real-TimePCR kits for clean, safe and fast analysis.
We also analyse pharmaceutical products according to the GMP - standard.

With rapid and accurate methods of Q-Bioanalytic you can now have your Salmonella results after only 24 hours. This is possible with the application of Real-Time PCR.

Quick results online
Due to our advanced IT technology and our online customer portal, analysis reports would be at your disposal as quickly and as safely as possible.


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With our QuickBlue Real-Time PCR Kits  you have a large variety of products for microbial testing.  Quickness, reliability and high sensitivity are the main features of the kits offered.


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We provide the set-up for PCR technology in your laboratory and consult you with regard to your lab equipment when needed. We can also train your employees and help you establish these methods in your laboratory. Starting from the standard operation procedures (SOP) to handling pipettes so you can obtain those microliters correctly.


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Q-Bioanalytic believe it's important to  continuously develop and improve (new) methods and products. The main goal is to enable highest quality of our analysis for the superior quality of your products.


At this moment we run multiple development projects with international partners spread out over the whole world. We are currently working on projects such as DIAGMAL, MedVetStaph and CLEBAWA. To have a better insight where we are currently working on see our development page.

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