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QuickBlue real-time PCR kits

Accredited laboratory services

Q-Bioanalytic GmbH
DNA-based methods
QuickBlue - The way to quick and reliable results!

Welcome to Q-Bioanalytic GmbH, your ISO certificated and accredited lab for innovative products and services in the field of bioanalytics.

Effectiveness in quality assurance!

Q-Bioanalytic is the gateway between your laboratory the technological resources required.
The processes in the lab have become faster with time. As a result, the demand for quick and reliable results has also increased.
Microbiological approval of goods is a field that we focus on among other fields. For example products such as milk and other dairy products, meat ,seafood, spices and cereals before they become integrated into the market is standard procedure normally required by IFS and BRC demanding this, or by the national legislation.

Classical microbiological analyses Molecular microbiological (PCR) Allergens Species identification (species of fish)
Drinking water (Legionella) Koi herpes virus (KHV) (vet.) Mould fungus, dry rot (Buildings) GMO (genetically modified organisms)
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New real-time kits for PCR detection are now available

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Picture: mould fungus in a building
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New real-time PCR kits available
QuickBlue RealQuick PCR-Kit for Salmonella spp. including the amplification control.
Further kits for DNA-detection of GV Corn, GV Soy and GV Rape [... Please click here]

Online shop
The "Q-Shop" is available for our PCR products and analysis. Order online now! [... Please click here]

Water analytics
Analyses of Legionella in drinking water according to the German Trinkwasser- verordnung (TrinkwV). [... Please click here]

Certifications, Accreditations
And Quick Results

Are you ready for a fast and efficient way of working?

With the rapid and accurate methods of Q-Bioanalytic you can now obtain your Salmonella result after 24 hours (including the pre-incubation time).
With the application of PCR and real-time-quantitative PCR this is now possible.